You can install React Query with NPM, Yarn, or a good ol' <script> via


$ npm i react-query
# or
$ yarn add react-query

React Query is compatible with React v16.8+ and works with ReactDOM and React Native.

Wanna give it a spin before you download? Try out the simple or basic examples!


If you're not using a module bundler or package manager we also have a global ("UMD") build hosted on the CDN. Simply add the following <script> tag to the bottom of your HTML file:

<script src=""></script>

Once you've added this you will have access to the window.ReactQuery object and its exports.

This installation/usage requires the React CDN script bundles to be on the page as well.

Want to Skip the Docs?

Fast track your learning and
take the offical React Query course ↗️

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