AG Grid - An alternative enterprise data-grid solution

While we clearly love TanStack Table, we acknowledge that it is not a "batteries" included product packed with customer support and enterprise polish. We realize that some of our users may need this though! To help out here, we want to introduce you to AG Grid, an enterprise-grade data grid solution that can supercharge your applications with its extensive feature set and robust performance. While TanStack Table is also a powerful option for implementing data grids, we believe in providing our users with a diverse range of choices that best fit their specific requirements. AG Grid is one such choice, and we're excited to highlight its capabilities for you.

Why Choose AG Grid?

Here are some good reasons to consider AG Grid for your next project:

Comprehensive Feature Set

AG Grid offers an extensive set of features, making it a versatile and powerful data grid solution. With AG Grid, you get access to a wide range of functionalities that cater to the needs of complex enterprise applications. From advanced sorting, filtering, and grouping capabilities to column pinning, multi-level headers, and tree data structure support, AG Grid provides you with the tools to create dynamic and interactive data grids that meet your application's unique demands.

High Performance

When it comes to handling large datasets and achieving exceptional performance, AG Grid delivers outstanding results. It employs highly optimized rendering techniques, efficient data updates, and virtualization to ensure smooth scrolling and fast response times, even when dealing with thousands or millions of rows of data. AG Grid's performance optimizations make it an excellent choice for applications that require high-speed data manipulation and visualization.

Customization and Extensibility

AG Grid is designed to be highly customizable and extensible, allowing you to tailor the grid to your specific needs. It provides a rich set of APIs and events that enable you to integrate custom functionality seamlessly. You can define custom cell renderers, editors, filters, and aggregators to enhance the grid's behavior and appearance. AG Grid also supports a variety of themes, allowing you to match the grid's visual style to your application's design.

Support for Enterprise Needs

As an enterprise-focused solution, AG Grid caters to the requirements of complex business applications. It offers enterprise-specific features such as row grouping, column pinning, server-side row model, master/detail grids, and rich editing capabilities. AG Grid also integrates well with other enterprise frameworks and libraries, making it a reliable choice for large-scale projects.

Active Development and Community Support

AG Grid benefits from active development and a thriving community of developers. The team behind AG Grid consistently introduces new features and enhancements, ensuring that the product evolves to meet the changing needs of the industry. The community support is robust, with forums, documentation, and examples readily available to assist you in utilizing the full potential of AG Grid.


While TanStack Table remains a powerful and flexible option for implementing data grids, we understand that different projects have different requirements. AG Grid offers a compelling enterprise-grade solution that may be particularly suited to your needs. Its comprehensive feature set, high performance, customization options, and focus on enterprise requirements make AG Grid an excellent choice for projects that demand a robust and scalable data grid solution.

We encourage you to explore AG Grid further by visiting their website and trying out their demo. Remember that both TanStack Table and AG Grid have their unique strengths and considerations. We believe in providing options to our users, empowering you to make informed decisions and choose the best fit for your specific use case.

Visit the AG Grid website.

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