TanStack Table + Ag-Grid Partnership

We're excited to announce that AG Grid is now the official TanStack Table open-source partner! Together we will strive to achieve the following goals:

  • To jointly educate the JavaScript and TypeScript ecosystem about the differences between the two libraries and when to choose which.
  • To cover as many use-cases as possible across the ecosystem by encouraging the usage of the other when goals and limitations of either are not met.
  • To improve the quality of both libraries through shared experience, knowledge and even code when appropriate.

TanStack Table and AG Grid share the same general problem space, but are implemented via drastically different architectures and paradigms, each offering unique trade-offs, opinions and optimizations depending on use-case. These differences and trade-offs are complimentary to one another and together form what we believe are the best two datagrid/table options available in the JavaScript and TypeScript ecosystem.

To learn about the differences and trade-offs between the two libraries, start by reading the introduction to TanStack Table and the introduction to AG Grid!

We are excited about the future of datagrids and tables and we at TanStack are honored that AG Grid is invested in the success of it's open source ecosystem!