TanStack Router is a router for building React applications. Some of its features include:

  • 100% inferred TypeScript support
  • Typesafe navigation
  • Nested Routing and layout routes
  • Built-in Route Loaders w/ SWR Caching
  • Designed for client-side data caches (TanStack Query, SWR, etc.)
  • Automatic route prefetching
  • Asynchronous route elements and error boundaries
  • File-based Route Generation
  • Typesafe JSON-first Search Params state management APIs
  • Path and Search Parameter Schema Validation
  • Search Param Navigation APIs
  • Custom Search Param parser/serializer support
  • Search param middleware
  • Route matching/loading middleware


TanStack Router builds on concepts and patterns popularized by many other OSS projects, including:

We acknowledge the investment, risk and research that went into their development, but are excited to push the bar they have set even higher.

Let's go!

Enough overview, there's so much more to do with TanStack Router. Hit that next button and let's get started!

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