TanStack Router

Modern and scalable routing for React applications

A fully type-safe React router with built-in data fetching, stale-while revalidate caching and first-class search-param APIs.

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Typesafe & powerful, yet familiarly simple

TanStack Router builds on modern routing patterns made popular by other tools, but has been re-engineered from the ground up to be 100% typesafe without compromising on DX. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Built-in Data Fetching with Caching

Hoist your data fetching and avoid waterfalls with TanStack Router's loader API and get instant navigations with built-in caching and automatic preloading. Need something more custom? Router's API is designed to work with your favorite client-side cache libraries! Your users will notice the difference when your pages not only load in parallel but also stay up to date over time.

Search Param APIs to make your state-manager jealous

Instead of throwing you to the URLSearchParam wolves, TanStack Router outfits you with state-manager-grade search param APIs. With schemas, validation, full type-safety and pre/post manipulation you'll wonder why you're not storing everything in the URL. Goodbye in-memory state 👋!

Feature Rich and Lightweight

Behold, the obligatory feature-list:

100% Typesafe Parallel Route Loaders 1st-class Search Param APIs Nested/Layout Routes Lightweight (12kb) Suspense + Transitions Strict Navigation Auto-completed Paths Search Param Schemas Search Param Validation Search Param Parsing + Serialization Search Param Pre/Post Processing Structural Sharing Automatic Prefetching Asynchronous Elements Pending Elements Error Boundaries
This ad helps us be happy about our invested time and not burn out and rage-quit OSS. Yay money! 😉

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Create a route, pop in a Router, and start slingin' some code!



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