TanStack Router v4 BETA

Routing and URL management for your applications

Powerful routing with first-class search-param APIs for JS/TS, React, Solid, Vue and Svelte

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Powerful, yet familiar.

While React Router and Next.js have set amazing new expectations for application routing, we believe TanStack Router has something more to offer. With more powerful APIs around URL manipulation, navigation, and search params, routing just get better and better.

Loaders, actions, prefetching, oh my!

Async routing is expected for full-stack react frameworks but what about SPA's?, TanStack Router is async-first and provides out-of-the-box support for parallelized data loaders, code-splitting and even route actions.

First-Class Search Params API

Where most other routers provide the bare minimum support for URL search param management, TanStack Router takes them very seriously with support for search param schemas, param type-safety, and functional manipulation..

Framework Agnostic & Feature Rich

TanStack Router's core API is very portable and framework-independent while still prioritizing the ergonomics of frameworks via adapters. Behold, the obligatory feature-list:

Lightweight (8kb) Asynchronous Elements Route Loaders Route Actions Route Params Code-Splitting Nested/Layout Routes 1st-Class Search Params API Search Param Route Matching Search Param Filters/Persistence Search Param Compression + Stability Default Elements Error Boundary Elements Pending Elements Minimum Pending Duration


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