Migration from React Router Checklist

If your UI is blank, open the console, and you will probably have some errors that read something along the lines of cannot use 'useNavigate' outside of context . This means there are React Router api’s that are still imported and referenced that you need to find and remove. The easiest way to make sure you find all React Router imports is to uninstall react-router-dom and then you should get typescript errors in your files. Then you will know what to change to a @tanstack/react-router import.

Here is the example repo

  • Install Router - npm i @tanstack/react-router
  • Optional: Uninstall React Router to get TypeScript errors on imports.
    • At this point I don’t know if you can do a gradual migration, but it seems likely you could have multiple router providers, not desirable.
    • The api’s between React Router and TanStack Router are very similar and could most likely be handled in a sprint cycle or two if that is your companies way of doing things.
  • Create Routes for each existing React Router route we have
  • Create root route
  • Create router instance
  • Add global module in main.tsx
  • Remove any React Router (createBrowserRouter or BrowserRouter), Routes, and Route Components from main.tsx
  • Optional: Refactor render function for custom setup/providers - The repo referenced above has an example - This was necessary in the case of Supertokens. Supertoken has a specific setup with React Router and a different setup with all other React implementations
  • Set RouterProvider and pass it the router as the prop
  • Replace all instances of React Router Link component with @tanstack/react-router Link component
    • Add to prop with literal path
    • Add params prop, where necessary with params like so params={{ orderId: [order.id](http://order.id) }}
  • Replace all instances of React Router useNavigate hook with @tanstack/react-router useNavigate hook
    • Set to property and params property where needed
  • Replace any React Router Outlet's with the @tanstack/react-router equivalent
  • If you are using useSearchParams hook from React Router, move the search params default value to the validateSearch property on a Route definition.
    • Instead of using the useSearchParams hook, use @tanstack/react-router Link's search property to update the search params state
    • To read search params you can do something like the following
      • const { page } = useSearch({ from: productPage.fullPath })
  • If using React Router’s useParams hook, update the import to be from @tanstack/react-router and set the from property to the literal path name where you want to read the params object from
    • So say we have a route with the path name orders/$orderid.
    • In the useParams hook we would set up our hook like so: const params = useParams({ from: "/orders/$orderId" })
    • Then wherever we wanted to access the order id we would get it off of the params object params.orderId
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