Comparison | TanStack Router vs React Router

Before you commit to a new tool, it's always nice to know how it stacks up against the competition!

This comparison table strives to be as accurate and as unbiased as possible. If you use any of these libraries and feel the information could be improved, feel free to suggest changes (with notes or evidence of claims) using the "Edit this page on GitHub" link at the bottom of this page.

Feature/Capability Key:

  • ✅ 1st-class, built-in, and ready to use with no added configuration or code
  • 🟢 Full Support as an official plugin or addon package
  • 🟡 Partial Support
  • 🔶 Possible, but requires custom code/implementation/casting
  • 🛑 Not officially supported
TanStack RouterReact Router DOM (Website)
Github Repo / Stars
Bundle Size
History, Memory & Hash Routers
Nested / Layout Routes
Suspense-like Route Transitions
Typesafe Route Configurations🛑
Typesafe Loaders🔶
Loader Caching (SWR + Invalidation)🛑
Typesafe Actions🔶
Route Prefetching
Auto Route Prefetching🛑
Route Prefetching Delay🔶
Path Params
Typesafe Path Params🛑
Path Param Validation🛑
Custom Path Param Parsing/Serialization🛑
Ranked Routes🟢
Active Link Customization
Ephemeral Optimistic UI
Typesafe Absolute + Relative Navigation🛑
Route Mount/Transition/Unmount Events🛑
Official Devtools🟢🛑
Basic Search Params
Search Param Hooks
<Link/>/useNavigate Search Param API🟡 (search-string only via the to/search options)
JSON Search Params🔶
TypeSafe Search Params🛑
Search Param Schema Validation🛑
Search Param Immutability + Structural Sharing🛑
Custom Search Param parsing/serialization🔶
Hierarchical Search Param Transforms🛑
Async Route Elements🛑
Suspense Route Elements
Route Error Elements
Route Pending Elements🛑
SSR🛑 (Coming Soon)
Navigation Scroll Restoration🛑 (Coming Soon)
Deferred Loader Streaming🛑 (Coming Soon)
<Form> API🛑