TanStack Router is a UI router for building applications in React, Preact, Vue, Svelte, Solid and other modern web frameworks. Some of its features include:

  • 100% inferred TypeScript support
  • Typesafe absolute and relative navigation
  • Nested Routing and layout routes
  • Typesafe Route loaders & actions
  • Stale-while-revalidate Loader Cache
  • Automatic (and manual) cache invalidation
  • Automatic route prefetching
  • Suspense-like route transitions
  • Asynchronous route elements and error boundaries
  • File-Splitting & Code-splitting
  • Typesafe JSON-first Search Params w/ Immutable Structural Sharing
  • Path and Search Parameter Schema Validation
  • Search Param aware navigation
  • Custom Search Param parser/serializer support
  • Hierarchical 3-stage search param manipulation
  • Optional Route filtering/ranking


TanStack Router builds on concepts and patterns popularized by many other OSS projects, including:

We acknowledge the investment, risk and research that went into their development, but are excited to push the bar they have set even higher.

Let's go!

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